About Us

What are your needs? 

The first step in solving the problem is understanding it. We want to understand you, your needs and values. You or your company should above all be united with the image that represents you. That is where we come in – with the knowledge and skills we provide we can suite you up like a bride for a wedding day.

Carefuly planned project

Without a good plan not a single great idea lights up. We love a challenge. We are a team of people with different skills and vast knowledge in their field of work; we can accomplish just about anything. We try to include you in every step of our process so we can establish clear communication and personal approach to every project in our hands.

Intelligent design solutions

We try to optimize time and excellence according to project plan. We can safely guide you through the process of branding, advertising or even web or application development. It is essential that we consider every issue along the way. Skipping the problem only makes it bigger latter, it doesn’t make it go away.




We are a small creative team with big ideas and high aspirations. We love exploring the world of printed and digital media.

We’re experienced in leading a project from scratch to finish – tackling small, personal, sweet projects as well as large corporate identity with same enthusiasm.

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