Painted Typography

Amazing. Warsaw-based designer Pawel Nolbert is photographing actual pain splatters and then merges them into typographic shapes that look… well, amazing.

“Series of posters exploring form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures.
The artworks were built from an elaborate artistic painterly gestures into expressive arrangements – extending the aesthetic characteristic of typography.”
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Inspirational Talents II

RED HongYi

Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname ‘Red’, is brilliant Malaysian artist-architect. Known as the artist who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush’. She makes beutifull and creative pieces of art out of every day object like coffee, candles, pettals, food…

Her work have been featured by media around the world including Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC, CNN, NBC and the Daily Mail. Her works have been viewed by millions on both Youtube and Youku. She has worked with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Unilever, Nespresso, AT&T, BBDO, Mercedes Benz, Esquire and Astro, was invited as a presenter at the 6th and 7th EG Conferencein Monterey, California, at TEDxkl 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, at the APEC Young Entrepreneur’s Summit 2013 in Beijing, and lectured in design universities Domus Academy and NABA in Milan. She was named Esquire Magazine’s ’12 Brilliant Malaysians’ of 2013 and given Perspective Global Hong Kong’s 2013 ’40 Under 40 Designers’ award.

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Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Use Somebody

Beautiful video for a beautiful song.
Official music video for ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings Of Leon, performed by Scala & Kolacny brothers.
Official selection shortfilmcorner Cannes filmfestival 2011. Best international experimental shortfilm at the New York Independent Film Festival 2011. Young directors award at the Cristal Festival 2011. Directed by: Inti Calfat