Kviki Gric, Podravka

We were asked to come up with a unique idea for a website. Kviki Gric brand is very popular among younger generations, so they wanted the website to reflect that. We came up with the idea to create a website as a game. Kviki (their mascot) has had all his recipes stolen (including the new flavour the company was preparing and wanted to introduce) and visitors were invited to participate by discovering hidden clues throughout the website and thus helping Kviki navigate his boat to the island where his recipes were hidden.

By finding these clues, visitors were introduced to the company’s history, products and interesting details. The website was tightly connected with Kviki Facebook profile, and it generated a huge response, with thousands of people playing the game and competing for awards and Podravka gift packages.


Who: Podravka d.d.
What: Website story idea, design and development for Podravka, Kviki Gric brand
When: 2011.

Author: Excedo