Visit Medimurje App

We designed the mobile app for the Tourist Board of Medimurje to reflect the rich, vibrant green of the stunning landscape. The app provides visitors will all information and the guidance they may need to make their stay in Medimurje as comfortable & feature-rich as possible.

At a glance, users will be able to find locations and attractions of interest to them, as well as browse through the numerous wine-tasting spots and incredible gastronomic pleasures that the county offers.

The Qavian system also provides the Tourist Board with the ability to notify their visitors of any events, concerts, festivals, fairs – directly to their mobile devices, as well as providing them with relevant information, right there on the spot. They will also use Bluetooth Beacons to create subtle notifications whenever their visitors approach a certain area, important sculpture or landmark that might be of interest to them.

Get it for free on iTunes and GooglePlay stores.

Author: Excedo